Fabio Soares

Fábio Alves Soares

  • Physician graduated from the University of Brasilia in 2003, completed Medical Residency in General Surgery in 2005 (Secretary of Health of the Federal District – Regional Hospital of Asa Norte) and in Coloproctology (Hospital of Clinics of the Federal University of Ceará) in 2007.
  • He obtained his Master’s degree in Surgery from the Medical School of the Federal University of Ceará (2007).
  • Nowadays works as a colorectal surgeon at the Hospital de Base Distrito Federal (HBDF), where he has been the supervisor of the Medical Residency Program in Colorectal Surgery since 2013.
  • He has the title of Specialist in Coloproctology by the Brazilian Society of Coloproctology, of which he is a full member. He is also a Specialist in Gastroenterology by the Brazilian Federation of Gastroenterology, of which he is a full member.
  • At the HBDF Colorectal Surgery Unit, he coordinates the Anorectal Physiology Lab and is also dedicated to clinical research within the scope of the Residency Program.
  • His interest in Ambulatory Surgery dates back to 2018 and, since then, he has been dedicating himself intensively to new projects in the area.
  • He has worked in a private practice since 2007 and is the Clinical Director of the Asa Sul and Águas Claras Units of Colono Clinics.
  • He is also interested in health services management and is currently pursuing an Master in Business Administration in Management of Clinics, Hospitals and Health Industries at Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV).

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