Sala de Cirurgia

The Brazilian Society of Ambulatory Surgery (SOBRACAM) is a multiprofessional and non-profit association, based in Brasilia. It was born from the joint efforts of a multidisciplinary group, consisting of doctors, dentists, nurses and managers, working in the public and private sectors.

We count on the invaluable support and encouragement of important international entities of Ambulatory Surgery, of which we highlight the Portuguese Association of Ambulatory Surgery (APCA) and the International Association for Ambulatory Surgery (IAAS).

We believe that efforts to implement Ambulatory Surgery strategies and programs in our country are urgent, fostering debates, protocols and health policies, in the public and private sectors.

We are aware that national peculiarities represent a great challenge – where a hybrid health system (both public and private) with huge regional asymmetries in terms of resource distribution – requires solutions that can be applied in all these circumstances.

SOBRACAM appears at a particularly challenging moment. A time when an economic crisis of overwhelming proportions will bring the need to rediscuss current models and value even more every cent spent on health.

An era of confinement and an unprecedented global health crisis, in which interpersonal relationships and ways of using health services are being rethought and literally reinvented, with the increasing allocation of resources to overcome ties and connections traditionally regarded as exclusive to the physical world.

We understand that the Ambulatory Surgery model represents an ideal response to deliver of value to patients and operators of the different health systems, with safety, quality and democratization of access.

Finally, SOBRACAM – as an entity of its time – was born connected, developing its activities through contemporary digital channels and technologies. This is how we intend to shorten distances between people and increase the scope of our message.

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